• I've been using the Get Media Index actor and the minimum value of its "item" input is 1. It would be great if the minimum value could be set to 0 instead, so that inputting item=0 guarantees index=0 (no media) as the output. Right now if 0 (or a negative number) is sent to the item input, it gets limited/scaled to 1, so I get the first item in the bin when I expect to get no media. To get no media output I have to send item=MAX, but that's a bit clunky.

    The Get Media File Name actor works this way (min value for index is 0, 0 returns no media) and I feel like it would make sense for both of these Get Media actors to have the same range/behavior.

  • Tech Staff

    Good catch.

    Heres a few workarounds in the meantime.

    3.0.1 Get Media Index 0 Workarounds.izz

    You could stick any of these in a Macro or User Actor and use them in your patches if this is a problem you encounter frequently.

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