[ANSWERED] ArtNet plugin for ~32 universes

  • Has the Artnet plugin been tested for this many universes? Must I instantiate an artnet actor for each universe? Things got a little funky when I was around the eighth or ninth or so. Happy to test if that's helpful. I'm using two dmxking ledmx4pro's.

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    @davidcoll said:

    Happy to test if that's helpful.

    Please check your forum messages.

    If anybody else is working with a large number of universes, or has the hardware to do so, please feel free to send me a message via the forum chat.

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    @davidcoll said:

    Must I instantiate an artnet actor for each universe?

    @DusX ? @Juriaan ?

    (I never end up needing more than one universe so I'm tagging in some experts.)

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    I have only used 4 universes, so beyond that I am unsure. Sorry.
    I just don't have hardware that requires more at this time.
    Perhaps I can rent something?? not sure.

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    So here is what I know, Isadora is capable of sending 4 Universes of ArtNet per Device, so if you have a device that is capable of sending more then 4 universes you can't use it in Isadora 3 (It is capped at 4), or atleast that was the case in Isadora 2.6.x. Don't know or Isadora 3 changed that. 

    2x DMXking LEDMX4Pro's should be capable of doing 8 universes, more then that and you need more DMXKing to work around the cap.

    Can you tell us a bit more about the behavoir "funky" ?