[ANSWERED] Missing Plugins and Archive Issues

  • Hi All,  after a very long absence.

    I am about to upgrade to Isadora 3  for an upcoming workshop at a Dance School.  On dong so I find that some of the Plugins that I have relied on for my aesthetic (and thus my work)  are no longer operational. These are Time Blur and Gaussian Blur.  (... and oddly TIme Splice is useful to get the attention of beginning dancers as it's effect is so weird!) 

    More seriously, are there substitutes for Time Blur in the new FFGL Packages? I really hope so as this gives an extra range of nuance for dancers to explore. If there is not  I will continue to use 2.6 until I can work out what to do on 3.   

    However, the issue, for me, is less to do with these immediate problems. It has more to do with the status of the Active Archives I use to store my work (i.e. the Isadora Patches accompanying the almost always inadequate videos of the live event).  This Archive goes back a long way and I would hate to lose more of the records my work due to changes in the software.  

    I would really appreciate suggestions on ways of replicating the effect of this now redundant actor on new ones.  Or even its return to the fold.   Low key and of its time though my work is, it does constitute a small part of the history of the use of Isadora in Dance in the UK. 

    I look forward to your response/s.

    Sarah (Rubidge)

  • Tech Staff

    @srubidge said:

    Gaussian Blur

     Gaussian Blur has a native Isadora actor in Isadora 3.0.1

  • Tech Staff

    @srubidge said:

    Time Blur

    There are no native Isadora actors or TroikaTronix FFGL plugins named "Time Blur" nor "Time Splice" in Isadora 2.6.1, so these are either third-party 32-bit FFGL plugins for Isadora 2 (which is not compatible because Isadora 3 is 64-bit and can therefore only use 64-bit plugins) or they are Isadora 1 plugins that have not been supported for a number of years.

    Could you post a video or gif of what this plugin does? We may be able to replicate the effect. Have you tried "Motion Blur"? You could also look at using GLSL Shaders.

  • @Woland 

    Thanks for the response.    This would explain it ... I can get by for the moment on what I have if I stay on Isadora 2 - and will work on your suggestions in the meantime to see if they do the job,or soemthing close to it.  If they don't I will get back to you

    Thanks again