[ANSWERED] Drop frame when triggering bin picker.

  • Hi everyone !

    I currently have a problem when i switch between movies on the fly with bin picker.

    A first movie is played and when i click on a second one, i first see the first frame of the first movie before the second movie starts.

    I solved this by initializing the "play start" of the movie player at 0,1 (0,02 actually works too) and the play length at 99,99 to avoid to come back to the very beginning of the movie.

    I don't have it anymore when the movie on still playing : for instance if i cut it at 45,8% and click on movie 2, everything is ok.

    But, if i let the movie playing until its end and click on another one in bin picker, the dropped frame is coming back again.

    During the show we are controlling ATEM in OSC. 3 live CAM + ISADORA inputs the ATEM.

    In this part of the play, we are playing a video, then switching to CAM LIVE. Then, clicking on bin picker to switch source and playing video 2.

    Even if i put a trigger delay of 0,5 s (which is a lot) to the OSC send command, to give time to movie player to load next video before switching source, I can still see the previous drop frame.

    I may noticed that it could be a problem coming from the order of "hierarchy" from movie player. 

    It's like it "prioritizes" this way when bin picker sends orders : 1) I come back to the beginning of movie ; 2) I am loading the new movie ; 3) I am playing the new movie.

    I have to admit this project pushes Izzi to its limits because some movies are outputting 7.1 audio tracks through Dante card. Routing is made by movie players and I had to deal with many crashes while patching.

    But once again, Isadora never failed during a show (tough girl ;)) and I thank you Mark, and dev team for your work !

    I am using ISADORA 2.6.1 on an ImacPro 2017; 8 cores + video card vega 64, with High Sierra,  so I guess it is not a computer problem.

    We've just finished a session in Avignon but a long tour is going on next year and I need to solve it. 

    I wondered if Isadora v 3.0.1 could solved this tiny problem ?



  • Tech Staff

    Video playback has been worked on extensively in Isadora 3, so you can expect that many improvements are included.
    I would recommend you install Isadora 3 and run it in demo mode to run a few initial tests. (what codec are you using? this seems like it might be the most important factor)
    With the new licensing options, you could even pick up a week rental to do additional testing before committing to the full upgrade.