[ANSWERED] go pro to live capture Izzy via iPad

  • Dear All 

    I would like to use a go pro camera for a live show it will be wifi link to my iPad pro 

    can I cable link to my Mac book pro with Izzy so I can add it as a live camera if yes how?

    no wifi options please with Izzy must be a cable only option 




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    Here is one option (but it uses a network): Use AirServer to allow the iPad to mirror its GoPro screen to the desktop Mac. AirServer has Syphon send built in and can be picked up by a Syphon Receiver actor in the Isadora patch. It appears simple and stable when I have set this up, but I have not used this in a production environment.

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  • @bonemap 

    Got it working many many thanks 

    May be a bit of and issue with izzy ( having a screen grab running in back ground ) in our live show taking up too much processor space  

    Still we will try