Keyboard Watcher: PgUp and PgDown-Keys (Isadora 3.01)

  • Hi there,

    I'm having trouble using the PgUp- and PgDown-Buttons with the keyboard watcher. I'm using a logitech r400 Presenter for a show and in Isadora 2.6 it worked, when I used the keyboard-watcher to track the button strokes of it. (Apparently it sends out PgUp and PgDown strokes, which is not reprogrammable with the driver provided by logitech.)

    I tried both the ' sign-method and typing in the numbers 11 and 12 as the key-range in Isadora 3 and neither worked - it recognizes the pressed button, but it doesn't trigger, once it's set up. Also tried to use it in Show Controls-Mode. 

    Am I missing some kind of safety-button here? Or does anybody have an idea for a workaround? I'm thankful for any kind of help.


    Re: [Keyboard Watcher actor - can I use the Up and Down arrows keys?](/topic/4916/keyboard-watcher-actor-can-i-use-the-up-and-down-arrows-keys)

  • @u-taka

    I can replicate your result. Works in Isadora 2, not in 3.
    Please can you submit a bug report please?

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    @mc_monte can you make sure this gets logged if it hasn't been already?

  • also missing the 4 arrow keys, go to end, go to beginn and the F keys

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    @U-taka also said:

    Re: [Keyboard Watcher: PgUp and PgDown-Keys (Isadora 3.01)](/topic/5970/keyboard-watcher-pgup-and-pgdown-keys-isadora-3-01)

    As described in the thread above, the PgUp- and PgDn-key strokes are not recognized by the Keyboard Watcher Actor in Isadora 3.01 on neither Windows nor MacOS. In Isadora 2.x it worked.

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    Please do not create new threads with every response. It makes it nearly impossible to track the conversation.

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    If you haven't already, please file a bug report using the link in my signature. The more details you can provide us with, the better.

  • @woland

    Did anyone ever do a bug report on this, 'cause this issue (or in my case up / down arrow keys) is really bugging me at the moment! It's not been fixed in my latest version... Oh, I'll do one anyhow! Could really do with a quick fix or a workaround.


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  • @mark_m said:

    bug report done