• I connect a picture player to a projector and nothing shows.  Either on the stage display or when I put my mouse on the connecting line between the picture player and the projector.  So weird.  Anyone know why?  I've tried putting it through different actors, played with the alpha multiply or not, and many other things (in desparation).  Video input works fine.  Picture and video are working as expected in 3.02.

    And, my webcam capture went all wonky until I clicked on the device tab in Sound Input when I was in Live Capture Settings.  Is Windows doing something odd?  This happened yesterday between rehearsals. 

    Thanks, Valerie

    Izz 2.6.1 on Acer V17 Nitro - Win10, Intel I7 7th Gen, NVIDIA GeForce GTX

  • Tech Staff


    Please file a separate support ticket for each issue using the link in my signature.

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