Isadora crash after upgrade to 10.8.3

  • I got a new minimac and after upgrading my show crash - I have tried with version 24 and 25 with same result...

    Jump to scene 2.2 and .....
    Any ideas

  • here is the patch 259ef8-levende_25.izz

  • No problem for me.

  • ok its scene 3 for me

  • I downgradet too 10.7.5 now it works agin...

    traid the show on 3 mac´s with this result :
    2,3 GHz MacMini 8 G ram - crash
    2.4 GHz MacBook Pro 8 G ram - crash
    8 core MacPro 16 G ram - run´s
    Strange... but "solved"

  • Dear xlrstik,

    I would like to debug this file. Regarding Scene 2.2, I would like to know the following:
    1) The resolution of movie 29  = VI blev til
    2) The setting for "Default Resolution" in the Isadora Preferences, Video Tab.
    3) Any crash reports you have.
    You can use the applet on [this page]( to get the crash reports. You can email the zipped file to mark [atta] troikatronix [dotta] com.
    Best Wishes,

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