[TICKET SUBMITTED] Overload problem with Isadora 3

  •  Hello! :)

    I'm having a overload problem with Isadora 3.0.1. I'm using a simple project (first and last scene, of the file attached) with 2 live usb cameras, (Logitech C920) with a resolution of 1024x576, and some delay lines.

    The load indicator always goes to more than 70% and after some minutes above 100%, and the project freezes and crashes Isadora. In 2.6 version this project runs perfectly, always with a excellent FPS (30).

    I notice also that even in a new Isadora’s project with I put a single video effect (video delay, difference etc) the load goes above 40%.

    Can someone help me with this issue?

    Thank's ;) 

    kino_abciber v3.0.1.izz (the Isadora's project)

    PS: My computer is a Windows 10 notebook, I7+, 32 GB RAM DDR4, 2 SSDs with 500GB, NVIDIA GTX 1660TI GPU with 6GB GDDR6 (one of this model https://avell.com.br/a65-muv-plus). The energy configurations is always setting up to maximize the performance.

  • Tech Staff

    @DusX is this the same as that ticket you've been working on?

  • Hello @DusX !

    Yes, but I don't receive any support yet.

    You have any news about this issue?


  • Tech Staff

    I have replied via the support ticket.
    Please try my suggestion, and report back thru the support system.