[SOLVED] sharp distance sensor into arduino then into isadora serial watcher

  • Hello this is my first time on this forum 

    i have set up a sharp distance sensor through arduino and i was wondering what code i put into the isadora serial watcher to read the arduino output

    I am trying to  achieve a video fade when a person moves towards the sensor

    thank you for any infomation   

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    Hi there,

    And welcome to the Isadora community forum :) To read an Arduino Serial you use Serial.println() in your Arduino code, on the Receiving end you go to Serial Input > Select an port and a baudrate (This matches the baudrate that you setup in your setup() void in your Arduino code)

    Put an Serial Text Watcher in your patch, make sure that the input parameters are correct. Double click on the Serial Text Watcher to open up the "Filter". 

    Just a small tip, but if you put your arduino code like the following :

    Serial.println(1, DEC);

    Serial.println(VALUE); // Change this to your variable that holds the value

    And then on the receiving end of Isadora you put the following


    value1 : integer = 3 digits

    After you did that you should see input coming in, if you wish to flip the min and the max just use a Limit Scale Value

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    I was just typing the same thing as Juriaan :)

    And if you are only sending one value you can also drop the Serial.println(1, DEC);

    And you also don't need the "1" in the serial in watcher.

    I only use this to separate between different inputs. to give them a digit.

  • @juriaan said:


     Thank you Juriaan

    yes that worked, i still have to get my head around the code so i understand what it is i am doing 

    thanks again Sean  

  • @gertjanb

    Thank you Gertjan i got it working and now i will just experiment with it 

    cheers Sean