• Hi everyone,

    Can anyone help me with this frustratingly simple problem that I haven't got the technical knowledge to fix?  -

    I am using a Windows 7 machine with the most recent version of Isadora. I just want to simply capture to disc. But when I start the capture there's a little glitch before any image is captured, and the playback isn't smooth at all. This has never been a problem before. It's really important that I get a very clean capture of the material. This was meant to happen during the performance but since I've had so many issues I've now compromised and decided to capture all the material in the theatre during the tech run. I hoped that downloading the latest release of Izzie would help, but if anything the glitch is more noticeable.

    If anyone can suggest anything I'd be very grateful! Performance coming up in a few weeks....

    I should add that I'm a complete novice and very little technical knowledge...so apologies if any of the info here seems unclear.


  • Dear Marguerite,

    Well, unfortunately, there is always a small glitch when the capture starts. I've struggled to find a way around this on Windows, but I have been unable to find a solution.
    On the other hand, the capture should be smooth once it gets going. What kind of camera are you using? A DV camera? Or a web cam? Please post some details and I'll try to help.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I am using a DV camcorder, but the problem is also happening when I use the built in webcam on the laptop.

    My theory is that I have too many large AVI files on my laptop.... since the problem has been getting progessively worse. I've tried deleting anything I don't need. Can you recommend how best to compress the avi files so they don't lose quality?



  • update:

    After some more looking around, I've found that the avi files that are running ok are the ones with a size of 320x288.

    For some reason the newer movies have a size of 640x480.

    Any reason why this could have happened? and how do i fix it?

    Also, whereas the 320x288 files run smoothely, there is a tiny delay between the image and the sound, ie the sound is ahead of th image... again, how can I fix this?



  • yet another update: so something that started as a video capture glitch (still not resolved) has turned into an even bigger problem:

    The live video feed shows a black picture unless the force aspect ratio is unticked in the live capture settings box.... this means that the resolution of the live feed is 720x576, and there is therefor a drag on the image. Needless to say that capturing has now an even bigger glitch and the video has an even greater drag....

    The compression setting is jpeg.

    I remember having a very similar problem last year that was resolved by ticking the Hardware Accelerated Rendering box....which I cannot find on this newer version. Does it make sense to uninstall and re-install and earlier version of Izzie for the time being?