• Hello everyone! Some of you who have experience in tracking the movement of a flashlight? 

    Using the Eyes or Eyes ++ I guess is the best option ...
    the scene will be in darkness and the idea is to use that light beam movement data to manipulate other parameters. Suggestions or general considerations to consider? Usual problems? By the way: the camera will be in zenital position about 3 or 4 meters high
    many thanks !!



  • This should be fairly straightforward - using Eyes or Eyes++ you can easily track the x and y of the beam. You can use the Threshold in Eyes to calibrate the image so that only the flashlight beam is tracked.

    Will the beam be moved over the floor or just on the back wall of the space? changes in the shape of the beam might have an effect, and this might need some additional maths to keep results predictable.

  • @dbini thanks ! The flashlight will be handle by the performer...