Suggestions for Windows System/Data cloning software

  • I need a backup/cloning software to make a complete system/software/data backup on my Windows 10 computer, one that is as complete as Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac. My Google search has led me to Acronis Disk Director 12.5. Does anyone have experience with that software, or can you suggest something else? In addition to making a complete system backup, I need a software that can clone all system settings for Windows, Isadora and NImate to another computer, as Carbon Copy Cloner does. Thanks.



  • @dritter I am a big fan of clonezilla I have used it to make bootable clones for mission critical systems where the first call for failover control is a drive swap. Strange interface but it works great. It is a Linux based OS you boot into that makes sure all sectors of the drive are copied.

  • @fred

    Thank you Fred, I haven't decided yet, but I will look into clonezilla. I am still waiting delivery of an m2.nvme drive and enclosure for the backup, but I just read that it is not possible to boot Windows  10 from an external drive. Do you know if that is correct? 


  • @dritter


    I can tell you that I boot Windows 10 from an external drive. I have a Macbook Pro and I have win 10 installed on an external SSD disk. I connect it to the mac through the usb-c port and it works perfect. I wanted to avoid partitioning the internal hard drive using Bootcamp. I really don't know very well how I did it but searching on Google I managed to achieve it. I know you had to create an EFI partition or something similar.
    I hope that helps.

  • @jandraka

    Thank you Javi, I am running Windows 10 on a PC, not a Mac. It seems the information I read yesterday is incorrect. I found a procedure for booting a Windows PC from an external disk.