• I am having problem playing 3840x1080 HapQ.mov files in Isadora2.61 on a Windows 10 PC. I had been using HapQ.avi files of the same resolution, and they played fine, but the  HapQ.mov files pause briefly about every 20 seconds. Here is my work flow:  

    Resolve v15->uncompressed.avi file-> VirtualDub->HapQ.avi->Isadora
    Resolve v15->DNxHR HQ.mov file->Shutter Encoder->HapQ.mov-> Isadora  

    Both file types are playing from an m2.nvme drive (2GB/sec read), and the PC has an Nvidia GTX1080. The avi files play very smoothly compared to the mov files, but I prefer the .mov workflow because the uncompressed.avi files are extremely large.  

    Does anyone have any explanation what the problem is?  

    I also tested the mov approach on a Mac using these workflows:

    Resolve v15->ProRes422HQ.mov files->Shutter Encoder->HapQ.mov-> Isadora

    Resolve v15->ProRes422HQ.mov files->Adobe Media Encoder CS6->HapQ.mov-> Isadora

    both files played fine on the Mac using Isadora 2.61  



  • Tech Staff

    Unfortunately I don't have a quick answer for you. It may well just be the difference between DirectShow (native on Windows) and Quicktime (discontinued).

    Feel free to open a support ticket, and I can look into the issue further.
    Please provide a file share link with some sample Mov and Avi's to helps speed up my testing process.

    Support link in my forum signature.

  • Tech Staff

    @dritter said:

    HapQ.mov files in Isadora2.61

    @DusX is the Windows expert, (so correct me if I'm wrong), but I do not believe that we recommend using hap.mov on Windows 10 in Isadora 2.6.1. Changes were made to the program to allow Hap.mov to work well on Windows 10 for Isadora 3.x, but for Isadora 2.6.1 I believe we recommend Hap.avi for Windows 10 machines.

  • @dusx

    DusX, Thank you for your reply. Yes, the  hapQ.avi files play fine. I have been testing different causes for the problem, and I think it is caused by creating  HapQ.mov files on the PC. Does this seem possible? A few hours ago I created two HapQ.mov files on my Mac using Adobe Media Encoder CS6 and Quick time Player 7 Pro, and then played them in Isadora 2.6.1 on the PC. They both played fine with no pauses.  I also noticed the hap.mov files created on the PC played in my Isadora patch at 21 fps, but the hap.mov files created on the Mac played at 25 fps on the PC using the same Isadora patch. A workflow that requires moving the files from PC to Mac and back to PC would be inconvenient, so it is preferable if I can encode on the PC from DNxHR.mov files.

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    try using http://www.shutterencoder.com/... on PC to create your Hap Mov files.
    I have found this to be a good transcoding tool.

  • @dusx

    I was using Shutter Encoder for Windows and was having problems with the HapQ.mov files it was creating. After installing the DNxHD codecs from Avid earlier today, I  can now transcode DNxHR.mov to HapQ.mov using Adobe Media Encoder CS6. The files it creates run perfectly in version 2.6.1, so no more problem. Thank you for your suggestions.