zoom pictures in fast sequence

  • Hiya, am trying to figure out why the following doesn't present a smooth zoom for each picture, but instead there's a jump at the end of each zoom? Projector zoom is set with initialize = 100, scale min 100, scale max 200. Any help much appreciated. Thanks, Mr J (note: i've slowed the tap rate down in the screenshot below to try figure out what's going on) 

    zoom pictures in fast sequence.izz

  • Hi,

    I guess because things don't happen simultaneously but one after the other, the start of the Wave Generator and the change of the picture (what also takes time, even preloaded) will never happen at the same time.

    Because I liked the idea, I fiddled around and here is what I came up with. The only flaw is that it has some hiccups while hitting the Tap Tempo.



    fast zoomer.zip

  • @reinhard wow thanks R, i'll take a look and get back to you shortly, Mr J