[TICKET SUBMITTED] Movie/Picture Player resets 'initialize' to 0 on deleting media

  • Hi,

    if I set a players picture/movie input to initialize 1 (or whatever) and import media after that, the checkmark stays but the value is reset to 0. If I have media imported, set initialize and then delete the media, same thing. I do not see this behavior in 2.6.1.



  • Replying myself to push the topic more up, so it's recreated by someone and finds its debugging way into 3.0.3.

  • Izzy Guru


    I can recreate that. But please file a proper bug report in future, that way it's guaranteed to find its way into future versions. Its difficult for us to track bugs on the forum.
    I submitted the bug for you.

    Best Michel

  • Dear @Michel ,

    my policy so far was to first make my findingsĀ public in the forum, so if someone can recreate it, I'm more assured that it's really something and not an effect of my system or my own stupidity. After that I would have filed a proper bug report. Thanks for doing it!