Isadora crashes, aspect ratio in preview incorrect

  • hey there,

    i have got an issue with the preview frame in isadora. i have set the stage to 768 x 576 (3:4), my preview window has a size of 360 x 270 (3:4), but in the preview window the ratio is streched automatically to 16:9 and it doesen´t fill the window, as can be seen in the attached pict (the pict with the black frame is the incorrect preview window, the other pict with the black balks on the side is the correct stage preview). in my prefs i have set the thumb size to 360 x 270 as well, the preview window is set to the same size and in the prefs the stage ratio is limited to 3:4.
    i don´t know if this issue is the reason for the crashes of isadora. i already kicked out a mask which parameters were controled by sound. it seemed better - before i couldn´t even start the "show stages" without a crash - but still there was a crash later on.
    i´ll be having a show on friday morning and if i´m not finding the reason for this i´ll be f*****.

    2798ba-preview_4_3.jpg 804de4-stage_1.jpg

  • Izzy Guru

    OK what version of Isadora?

    PC or Mac? 
    What file format are the clips too please?
    (perhaps you could add your system details in your sig so we all know for future - it just helps us out a little)
    We will get it sorted i'm sure. :)

  • version 1.3.0f25

    clips are foto jpg compressed 768x576 (same size as stage)
    am working on a retina mbp, 2,3 ghz, core i7, 16ggb, 1600 mhz, ddr3, nvidia geforce gt 650m 1024mb
    os x 10.8.2
  • Izzy Guru

    I have a similar machine spec MBPr (less RAM) but if you want to send me a file I can check it out for you if you want? Or a cut down version of your patch perhaps?

    My email is on my profile.

  • it´s on the road!

  • Dear Stefanie,

    I took a look at your patch -- emailed you privately about that. But as far as the Stage Preview goes, I played set the stage to 768 x 576, played a movie, and the image appears perfectly within it. I set the Stage Preview Thumbnail Resolution to 360 x 270 -- is that what you used? (That would be my suggestion if not.)
    I was however testing with 10.6.8\. I won't have access to 10.8 until tomorrow.
    I will try it again then.
    Best Wishes,
  • Izzy Guru

    I'm looking at it now Mark.
    The only possible conflict I can see is having a Core CI Projector and normal projector? Can that in someway knock alignment out?
    The patch is crashing for me also... as soon as I load a video into the bottom movie player. But the top one plays fine. It's only when the second movie player is active.
    I will keep investigating. 

  • Dear Skuplture,

    RE: "having a Core CI Projector and normal projector" -- that is very unlikely. It's something else, but I can repro the problem.
    Best Wishes,

  • Izzy Guru


    Graham sent me your patch to see if I find the reason for the crash. It seems to me that the video fader actor is the problem, is there a reason why you are using the video fader instead of changing the intensity of the projector? as soon I delete the video fade actor and attach the "image to video" direct to the projector it doesn't crash anymore. Also crashing with version 1.3.0f32.


  • Izzy Guru

    I also suggested using a video mixer but leave one input blank. So you are mind of fading into black/nothing. It's a trick I use sometimes.

  • Dear All,

    I discovered a bug in the most recent versions of Isadora (f32) where the output of the Image to Video actor was causing some problems with certain actors, e.g., the Video Fader. (This has to do with the fact that the bytes for each row of video has to be a multiple of 64 to get the very best performance -- some Isadora actors weren't ready to deal with this.)
    I've updated the effected actors and will make a new upload in the next couple of days.
    But the weird business with the Stage Preview is still not solved. I've not been able to repro the problem. I'm in touch with Stefanie about this?
    Best Wishes,

  • dear mark,

    thank´s again for giving me support before the show!! you saved my ...
    the preview issue is still going on. during the performance, the stage was screened via a projector and the preview looked good. i thought it might have to do with my external monitor. but today i pluged it to another monitor and just now to my cinema display and i do see the same (not matching) result on all of them. also there is no difference between vga and dvi.
    for my next project i switched to hd 1280x720 16:9 format. unfortunately it doesn´t match either as you can see on the attached pict. the lines should cover the whole screen.
    all the best,


  • p.s. preview size is set to 480 x 270, stage to 1280 x 720 (movies same thing)

  • wDear Stefanie,

    Is it possible for you to create a simple project that includes the media causing this problem for you? If you are using a movie, then you can trim them down to 1 second or something to reduce the size. I've tried a number of combinations and I just can't seem to reproduce this.

    The simpler the file, the better.

    Best Wishes,

  • dear mark,

    i did some testing. the preview size looks good if no external monitor is connected. as soon as i do connect an external monitor the preview is deformed.
    this is happening on mountain lion as well as on my old laptop with snow leopard.
    i´ll be sending you the testfile right now.
    thank´s, all the best,