​Problem using Adobe Media Encoder CS6 to create HAPQ.MOV files

  • For my current Isadora project under Windows 10, I have been using DaVinci Resolve 15 to create DNxHR.MOV files and then transcoding them to HAPQ. MOV files using Adobe Media Encoder (AME) CS6. I installed the Avid DNxHR codecs available here:  http://avid.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/download/Avid-QuickTime-Codecs-LE

    This process was working fine for the past week, but I am now getting error messages from AME when I import a DNxHR.MOV file. The error messages vary, sometimes stating illegal stream, invalid permission, or AME simply crashes.  50% of the time AME works fine and produces perfect HAP files, even though all the files have the same resolution, frame rate and codec(DNxHR HQ or DNxHR HGX 10 bit). I have checked the permissions for the disk and files, and they are all set to full, read, write, and modify. This problem is taking up many hours of my time, and I can identify no reason why the same file will repeatedly cause an error, and then suddenly import into AME with no error. Is any one else using AME C6 to create HAP files from DNxHR.MOV, or does anyone have a suggestion for this problem?  

    Many thanks,

  • @dritter

    I found a solution to this problem, which solved my problems in Windows 10 with Isadora and CS6 After Effects. This article describes setting the Compatibility Mode for apps in Windows 10. Everything is working much better now and Adobe Media Encoder has stopped crashing when transcoding DNX files to HAP.