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    Not a showstopper for me, but its a little mystifying

    If I open a new empty patch in 2.6.1 and set the framerate to say 50, the fps increases normally. In isadora 3, I get 30fps, no matter if I set it to 15 or 150 in the prefs.

    Curious to understand what this means.


  • Hi,

    If I understood it well, just beside the fps setting there's a new parameter called "display refresh lock".

    So it seems to me that :

    - If you leave it by default ("Scaled"), Isadora takes your videocard's refresh rate and scales it down to a multiple.

    - If you choose "Full", Isadora matches your videocard's refresh rate.

    - If you turn it off, it is the old behaviour, and the only case where "Target frame rate" parameter is used. The internal fps of Isadora is independant of yours videocard's refresh rate.



  • Izzy Guru


    Exactly as @fifou has written.

    Best Michel

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    thanks 🙏