• Hi - I'm trying to do some live video recording tests using an iPhone for a workshop this week.  I've installed EpocCam View Pro on my Mac and EpocCam HD on the iPhone - It's all working well - Syphon Receiver is picking up the feed and I've been able to record the stage ok.  What I want to do is be able to record the movie so that I can also record sound.  The problem is when I go into Live Capture Settings, EpocCam is not showing as an option, even though it's running in the background and in Isadora via Syphon.  Has anyone else has this problem?  

    Many thanks


  • @timbrunsden have a look at NDI, there is an iPhone app and the whole implementation is a bit better than the epocam->syphon setup.


  • Thanks Fred I'll take a look.

  • @timbrunsden said:

    The problem is when I go into Live Capture Settings, EpocCam is not showing as an option, even though it's running in the background and in Isadora via Syphon.  Has anyone else has this problem?

     There is no good solution using Epoccam because it does not forward the sound from the camera to Isadora (or anything else for that matter.)

    At the Isaodra Werkstatt I performed a short piece where I achieved this in a roundabout way. I recorded the video as you are now - Syphon -> Isadora -> Record Stage to Movie. But, at the same time, I also recorded sound (only) from the internal microphone using the normal Capture Camera to Movie actor. Then I simply started the companion movies (video + sound) at the same time. Sync wasn't perfect, but it was "good enough for jazz." 

    I guess NDI is a possible solution, but I've heard FreeFrame GL actor that allows NDI input is kind of problematic to use in terms of gettng the right input. (We're going to offer an NDI input actor soon-ish, but I can't promise anything before the end of September.)

    Does anyone else have ideas? Is there some way of getting wireless video _and_ sound to come in as a fake webcam/camera in the Live Capture Settings? (I know this is how Epoccam works on Windows.)

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  • @mark for windows there is an NDI virtual input, I guess it is possible for OSX, maybe someone has made it...https://support.newtek.com/hc/...

    For various reasons on OSX when I do this I use an apple TV per iPhone and bring it in through a capture card, this gives security, reliable channels, low latency and the apple wireless transmission protocol is rock solid.

  • Izzy Guru


    For Mac you can use the NDISyphon app: https://docs.vidvox.net/freebi...

    Works fine for me.

    Best Michel

  • Thanks everyone - Mark, that work around might give me something to try on Thursday and I'll also check out the NDISyphon app.



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  • I've been using NDI on Windows for a while. It's great.



  • I confirm Epoccam stopped developpement ( and i experienced crashes on IOS ... ), and sound input never worked


  • @TimBrunsden As I recently acquired a relatively current generation phone I've tried a number of mobile phone camera apps (NewTek NDI, NDICam, AirBeam, Epocam HD) with Isadora 3. Whereas most apps performed impressively at 640x360, I was surprised at how well AirBeam/AirBeam Pro combo performers well with my setup. Attached is a rundown of my experience. 

  • Izzy Guru


    thank you for sharing your experience. How did you connect everything? Was the computer connected with ethernet or WIFI as well? I did tests with a few apps and I've found that even the phone and os version on it made a huge difference. In one test the iPhone 4 with an older OS performed better than an iPhone 6s with a newer one. So I guess this all can be very different from situation to situation. But your list is a very good reference point.

    Best Michel

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    @msanii said:

    AirBeam/AirBeam Pro combo performers well with my setup

     This is my go-to

  • @michel 

    you're welcome. I created an adhoc wireless network (channels 36 and 40 alternately) on the mac and connected the phone directly to it. No wifi or ethernet so no internet at the same time. Going through internet/tv box router gave poor results. I guess if one routes phone signal through appropriate/dedicated wireless network gear the data rates would be improved. 

    You are right about variables of phone/iOS making huge differences. I previously tried with an iPhone 5c/iOS10/macOS sierra and that didn't work too well.  

  • @msanii wow - thanks for taking the time to do this - this is really useful.

  • @TimBrunsden 

    you are welcome. Needed to figure out what could work for me