• Hi all ! Does Isadora 3 run on windows 7? Thanks a lot


  • Interesting question... Isadora 3 is a 64bit program, but there was a 64 bit version of Windows 7... might run on that, but I'm sure it wouldn't on 32 bit Windows 7.

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    I don't say it won't run on Windows 7, but the support policy is clear. Only Windows 10 is supported for Isadora, so if you go down that route and you need technical support they are allowed to say "Yeah, this version of Windows is not supported"

  • @mark_m thanks ! So isadora 2.6.1 could be a possible plan B? For those who have old computers

  • @juriaan thanks ...im aware of the policy. Just a doubt that came to my mind.


  • @ril said:

    im aware of the policy. Just a doubt that came to my mind.

    Just so you understand our decision making process: we created this policy because we simply don't have the resources to test on more than one version of Windows and so we can't make guarantees about previous versions.

    That said, we chose not to prevent Isadora from running on old versions of Windows because we know some Windows users keep old version, and -- unlike Apple -- Microsoft is pretty consistent never removing features from the O/S.

    In other words: give it a try and see how it goes. It very possibly could be fine, but YMMV. ("Your mileage may vary")

    Best Wishes,

    (P.S. The most important thing is to make sure your graphics drivers are as up to date as possible. That's going to be the biggest source of issues.)

  • @mark thank you very much ! I perfect understand and also agree. 

    Here in the "south" sometimes someone still have old windows versions. Thats why my doubt. That is all. Big hug