[WORKAROUND] Using Detach Links at Input/Output commands (⌘3 and ⌘4) on Belgian and Other Keyboards

  • Dear All,

    In Isadora 3, we have the new and very useful Detach Links at Input (⌘3) and the Detach Links at Output (⌘4) in the Actors menu.

    But @GertjanB alerted me at the Isadora Werkstatt that these don't work on his Belgian keyboard, because you need to use the shift key to get the number 3, and that means you're pressing command-shift-3 (⌘⇧3) and command-shift-4 (⌘⇧4) which most of know are both used by macOS to take a screenshot. That means you'll get a screenshot instead of executing the commands you expect.

    I just verified that if I disable those in the System Preferences, the commands will work in Isadora as you expect.

    Not a very nice workaround, but for now that's what I can offer.

    It's clear we need the ability to customize the shortcuts in Isadora, something I've wanted to add for a while. I am going to raise the priority on this so that it will come out sooner rather than later.

    Best Wishes,