[ANSWERED] How to to get vidéo from windows into Isadora on Mac?

  • Hi everyone,

    For an upcoming show I’ll be using Isadora 3 on a MacBook Pro to create and vidéo map content.

    And I also want to use content generated in for example Notch from a pc.

    I was wondering if I can capture the video/siphon output from windows into Isadora on the Mac ?

    I was researching on BlackMagic vidéo cards but I’m unsure if they only capture video camera sources or any sources.

    Or switch between both computer during the performance (not comfortable with this idea).

    Thank you

  • Izzy Guru


    The Blackmagic do also capture computer signals, but you have to set the resolution to match the Blackmagic device. If Notch supports NDI you could send the output of Notch over a network cable (don't do this wireless) and on the Mac you can use the NDISyphon app (https://docs.vidvox.net/freebi...) and in Isadora you pick up the syphon stream.

    Best Michel

  • @michel

    Thank you can you recommend a black magic card? I read on Amazon reviews that the intensity isn’t recommended anymore.

    I’m new to Notch and it seems to output to NDI... is there a specific Router and network cable needed?

    Thank you very much!

  • @david I know Notch has NDI input, but the last version I saw did not have output (but its been a while). If it does, a good high end gigabit router will make life a bit easier, if the device supports jumbo frames then it will suffice for sure with plenty of headroom, having said that pretty much any gigabit gear will do for HD signals as NDI is pretty efficient. Depending on your playback machine and resolution a dedicated network card over an integrated card may help too. If you don't need any other networking (ie just the two machines) then you can make a point to point network between the machines that will be very fast, this is also a great way to test as you don't need any extra hardware.

    If you go the capture card route, are you using dedicated notch hardware? If so then you will get SMPTE spec output as required by blackmagic capture, but definitely take a look at the specs of the capture boxes if you go that way, things like 1080p60 or 4k are only available on certain models as many interfaces do not have enough bandwidth to support higher resolutions.

    EDIT: I can confirm that Notch has NDI output.

  • @fred hi,

    Thank you so much! I have an Apple Airport Extreme that’s usually pretty fast.

    My machine will be sending and receiving osc messages to the musician’s Ableton Live.

    But I’ll experiment point network to compare.

    The video will be 1080, my machines can’t handle 4K real-time animations 😄 yet.

    No I don’t have any notch Hardware... I’m still learning.