• Hi there, this might be a newbie error.

    I created PNG files with black text and transparent background.

    When on a scene I have two players (Layer 0 plays a background video ) Layer 1 plays the PNG, everything is fine.


    When I separate the players in different scenes and activate the background video scene from the scene playing the PNG, then I get a pale text almost not able to read it. I tried different blendings in IzzyMap and the scene playing the video. But no success.

    Any cues what I'm doing wrong?

    By the way, I'm on Windows.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Izzy Guru


    If you want the layering to work over different scenes you have to switch the layering to "ungrouped". Switching to ungrouped may give you not so nice crossfades between scenes.

  • Thank you Michel for the fast answer.

    This seems to work for what I need.