[ANSWERED] Default actors settings

  • Hi everybody,

    It would be really helpful have the chance to change the actors default settings (ex. Loop enable or Optimize on the movie player, etc.) without change the initialize setting everytime you picking-up the actor from the tool box.

    You think that will be possible?



  • Tech Staff


    It's been discussed before, but there are workarounds that are just as easy.

    Personally I keep a "blank template" Scene handy in my patches that has all the things I'm using over and over for any given production. When I need to make a new Scene, I just make a duplicate of that template.

    You can also throw things you're using a lot into User Actors and/or Macros and save them to the Global Toolbox or the Document Toolbox for easy access.

  • Right, I will proceed as per your suggestion.


  • @Woland 

    As you can find attached I made the user actor, but I find the following issues:

    • I can't see the timebar and the main commands
    • I can't use the timecode
    • The pb engine value is not a text but is transform in a integer, to look like a text I have to connect a Value to text actor
    • Sometime, without a rule, the video (whatever I tried) is freezing, don't know why


  • Sorry, I don't know why but I can't attach any kind of file to my post... let's try with some pictures

  • ok, with the patch file it seems to work