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    I am looking for a way to cycle through audio .wav files. The AUAudioFilePlayer provides a 'position' output so looks like it could be used to trigger a new file index when reaching 100% played. However, when I build this, the audio appears to play well ahead of the position indicated, so much so, that a few seconds of the track repeats before the position indicator reaches 99 and triggers an index change. 

    Any suggestions for making this functional would be great.

    Edit: I have solved the repeat issue by turning 'loop' to off, but now there is a long gap without audio playing between the end and beginning of the next track.

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    Not sure.. this is a Apple component, so its not something we will be changing.

    You may want to try MP3, since it plays in the Movie Player.

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    Thanks for the advice. I am using the audio to generate attenuated frequencies with a user actor, and need more control than the audio frequencies from the movie player. 

    It is not a big issue...