what actors to use for long 10-15 event changes?

  • Hi All

    Not getting my head around what to use to make longer term triggers. I am trying to change a midi note out actor every 10 to 15 minutes. For shorter lengths, I've been using a pulse generator at 0.002 or some such number. So to push a start button, begin a very slow and simple midi change to note out, what do I use?

    Thanks for filling in my empty head.


  • Tech Staff

    Personally I would use a clock for that and some comporators

  • Try Time of Day, switched to periodic mode. It works the best for long interval pulse. 

  • This forum is SO great. Thanks, Time of Day in periodic mode is just what I was looking for! Sorry I didn't see it in the manual...

    Thanks you both for taking the time to respond.   - John