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    For my next show I need a lot of video's to play at the same time mapped on to a surface. Because I want to make the files as light as possible I'm trying around with different resolutions of my hap files.

    It turns out not all resolutions work. Is there a restriction of resolutions in HAP?

    I didn't have problems with:   1920 x 1080 ; 1000 x 1200 ; 1000 x 800 ; 600 x 480

    These seem to give problems: 1850 x 1100 ; 1000 x 550 ; 1000 x 563 ; 960 x 1577 ; 230 x 270

    On PC they don't play and the thumbnail looks strange
    On Mac they play but the thumbnail looks strange

    I don't think it is an Isadora issue because the windows thumbnail is also corrupted.

    Thank you
    Gertjan Biasino

  • Hello,

    I doesn't test your resolutions but with all codecs, avoid odd number of pixels. Ideally they like multiple of four (quite all the codecs are based on 4X4 matrix).

  • @gertjanb

    Yes, I've had problems with HAP using 'odd' resolutions. 1400 x 1050, for example (the native resolution of my projectors) it doesn't like.
    I think Jacques is right about multiples of four / even numbers. Ryan also suggested this might be the issue.

  • I think it may be specifically about the vertical dimension, and that you may be able to get away with horizontal resolutions that are not multiples of four - at least, that is what I have encountered in some cases, like QLab.

    However, there are certainly implementations of HAP that do not have this limitation (HAP files played by disguise on Windows for example do not have any multiple-of-4 limitations).  Ideal of course would be that any resolution could be used.