• Hi,

    I would simply like to get led feedback from my akai apc min MIDI controller.

    I looked on the forum and saw two old topics (6 years old) where users actors for led feedback have been shared, but being a really new user to isadora i admit i got a little lost looking at this.

    Also, i guessed that since the posts where 6 years old there was maybe more efficients/easy ways to do it, or maybe someone had made an user actors that fit this purpose.

    But basically i look for tips to get me on the track to do it.

    Cheers and sorry for the bad english...


  • Tech Staff

    Hi there Nino,

    Welcome to the Isadora community forum. The Akai APC Mini MIDI Controller accepts Note On messages to trigger certain light conditions, to do so put a Send Note On actor in your scene and set the note correctly. Most of the time this is the note value that you receive (Google for the MIDI Map online if you can't work it out). The velocity determines the color that you trigger, see below for the velocity that you need to send for each single color / animation

    OFF = 0

    Green = 1

    Green Blink = 2

    Red = 3

    Red Blink = 4

    Yellow = 5

    Yellow Blink = 6

  • Hi @juriaan, thanks a lot for the response. 

    i indeed manage to get the led feedback with the velocity, the send note actor and a counter. Now my probleme is, wich actor can i use to make it go to zero again after it went to 6 ? 

    As i said i'm totally new to isadora, it is probably obvious but i can't figure out how to do it.

  • Tech Staff


    Try a counter with the mode set to wrap

  • @juriaan Great thanks a lot mate !