[Solved] Issue with video sizes, zoom, and stage set up...?

  • I am using Isadora 3 for the first time on my current show and so haven't gotten used to the new Stage Setup, so maybe I'm missing something obvious (often the case), but I had a weird problem that I'd like to understand, but so far can't.

    In a patch I have a number of videos playing at a relatively small physical size (mapped to a small surface). When I imported these videos, I noticed that they were very tiny and I actually had to zoom them way UP...to like 500. Obviously, this is not right and I should have stopped then and figured it out. I did not do that! But they looked fine and so I just kept on my merry way. I was just using forced preview and they looked great. I was happy. And then I decided to look at them in my external monitor and when I plugged them in, the monitor read them as the massive size they are...zoomed to 500, but force preview didn't read them that way. Back in the patch, I could zoom them back out to normal levels, and it's fine. For once I'm ahead of the game, so it's not really a disaster...just a couple hours of work down the drain. But I would really like to understand what I did wrong. I often work in Forced Preview before setting up my stages precisely and I've never had anything like this happen. Can somebody enlighten me as to how I should have avoided this. It just seems very strange to me and I'm at a loss. Thanks in advance!

  • Update: I just shut down and tried again and now it all looks great on my external monitor. But I'm concerned that I'll go into the theatre and plug into projectors and everything will be out of whack. It makes no sense that I would have these videos zoomed up to 500-750. Right? Also, none of the other scenes are having a similar issue and everything has been exported exactly the same. Any clues?

  • More Update: I figured it out and was do to the fact that I'm manipulating the 3D stage orientation and started this patch so long ago I forgot how it was built. Nothing to see here!

  • Izzy Guru


    Great to hear you could sort it out.

    Best Michel