• Hi, I'm testing Catalina, but can't get Isadora 3.0.2 to work. It crashes during start up.

    crash report.pdf

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    Thankyou for the feedback.

    We are aware that 3.0.2 has issues with Catalina, and have an internal beta we are working with that is running on Catalina for testing.

  • I have also Isadora USB Key 3.0.2b3 which is also not running. Is there another beta out or is it coming soon for testing?



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    Hi there @kirschkematthias,

    Since 60% of the Isadora users are on MacOS (Almost all the Isadora staff is on Mac) you can count on it that they will get something out soon to address the issue.

    Beta testing first happens in the staff group before it is pushed out to the closed beta testers, if they say it is stable it is pushed out to all users (made public). Just keep an eye on the forum, since you are an beta users to get the latest build.

  • Dear All,

    As we have stated previously, we will not guarantee Isadora will run with beta versions of MacOS - only with release versions.

    That said, our internal 3.0.3b7 runs fine on Catalina -- the startup crash is solved. Beta testers will be seeded this build first thing next week.

    It is our plan to release 3.0.3 final no later than a week after the release of Catalina, though we hope we can do it on the same day that Apple releases it. Stay tuned.

    Best Wishes,

  • thanks a lot Mark.

    and many greetings


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    Check the beta downloads page, I posted 3.0.3b07 yesterday

  • Just an update for everyone: The team is going through our internal beta (3.0.3b7) with Catalina, and things are looking good so far. Of course, there could be a surprise, but I just wanted to let you know we're making good progress on getting ready for the Catalina release.

    Best Wishes,