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    I guess maybe this question should be addressed to the QLC+ forum instead of here. But I'm sure many in here would find the anwers interesting, and I hope someone has the answers. So here I go.
    So far I've managed sending OSC commands from ISADORA to QLC+ to control buttons and sliders with no major issues, but I would like to do it the other way round. I.e. sending OSC from QLC+ to ISADORA, at least to trigger cues. I've managed sending OSC from several Phone apps to ISADORA, so that's not the problem, but I don't know how to set up QLC+ to send OSC commands to ISADORA.

    I'm running ISADORA 3 on W10

  • I've not done it either. But does this help?


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    So this is quite difficult to achieve, this has to do that QLC+ doesn't has support for MIDI / OSC output in those widgets, the program has it for sure ! But the only way that it seems possible is using Scripts, and let's be honest that is not an ideal workflow.
    Do you mind to tell a bit more about your application, I rather have Isadora in Control of the Cue's using the Cuelist feature that Izzy is packed with, then to use QLC+ to do my show (Perhaps this is preference..)

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    That threads showcases how to use QLC+ to send OSC to other applications.

  • @mark Thanks for the link Mark, I should have mentioned I already had a look at it. The information in there on OSC is very limited, and did not help me to solve the issues. I'll have a look to the link provided by @Juriaan.

  • @gaspar said:

    I'll have a look to the link provided by @Juriaan.

    Ok good. If you find a solution, I would appreciate it if you share it here so others can benefit. Thanks for taking the time to do this if you can.

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  • @gaspar In qlc+ go to the input output and select your OSC interface, and make sure input, output and feedback are all turned on. Now you should get OSC output from the virtual console widgets that you add. I think you may need to add an OSC input using the auto learn function of each widget.

  • @mark For sure I will. For now I'm fine with controlling QLC+ from ISADORA, which is relatively easy once you know how. I'll surely come back to this, but it might take some time, since I'm quite busy at the moment.

  • @fred Thank you !! I'll try that. Actually I think I did, but still was missing something. Right now I'm short of time, but I'll give it a try again, someday.