• dear all , (sorry it' s really a beginner ask... )

    i'm trying to use matrix value receive in an activated scene,
    to gather float values out from other scenes and play the fade in/out of enter/exit scenes and send them to osc of another soft,

    but 1 ) the output of matrix seems to be text with 0.00 whereas i need value in 0,00 in order to enter OSCsend

    2 i want to get several values but they're output in a list and i don't know how to break it properly
    many Thanks here's my patchMatrix actor questions.izz

  • Tech Staff

    Hi there @Bennnid,

    The Matrix value actor has an Text output, to parse the text to a float / int what the Limit Scaler understands we need to use a 'Text Parser' actor. Connect the text to the text input, set the end char at 0.  Double click the actor to open it up and put this text inside the dialog that opens

    value : integer = 3 digits

    Basically what this does is create a new output with the name Value, our type is a integer and match the first 3 numbers that you receive in your text message.

    Hopefully that is clear :)

  • dear @juriaan many thanks ! how can i tell him to split different float values separated with ; for ex:

    value : float = 4 digits ;

    value : float = 4 digits ;

    value : float = 4 digits ;

    value : float = 4 digits ;

    should work but... thanks for your help

  • @Juriaan  i managed to get text parser understand float out clearly with [ value: float =.# ]

    but i need  a way to break my list of several floats output by matrix receive... how can i make the other ligns understand how to break the list? thanks a  lot

  • (sorry to flood but i really need help!!)

    how can i tell text parser to split the values with a specific character used as a separator in matrix receive? 

    thanks a lot

  • Izzy Guru


    I guess this would be possible with javascript, but I not to familiar with it. I guess @Juriaan or @DusX could have a solution.

    Best Michel

  • Tech Staff

    Put a JavaScript actor in your scene, paste this code inside it :

    function main()
        var input             =    arguments[0];
        var values             =    input.split(',')
        return values;

    What we are basically doing is is split the input with a common seperator, in this case a ','

    The output input of the JavaScript actor determines how many fields / channels you split.

  • @Juriaan  Many thanks ! it works like a charm !

  • edit !

    @juriaan 2 years after I think I couldn't do it again but finally it's ok ! working !

    Thx so much again!