OSC, Net broadcaster, communicate between Pc´s via Isadora

  • OSC, Net broadcaster, would like to communicate between Pc`s via Isadora, send and receive values on both sides… did some patches with listener and broadcaster and was impressed (image, video, values......) trying to use Netbroadcaster, it seems good one way, sending values back I need OSC, did the config osc plus pc# 1,2   0 sends to all any ideas how, welcome.

    thanks bts

  • Hi,

    I would advice you to go the OSC way.
    I have done a lot of work around synchro between pcs with isadora.
    There is a major difference between OSC & Netbroadcaster.
    With Netbroadcaster you can use the simple ID you setup in isadora preferences.
    But I think ( maybe Mark can confirm... ) you must have a router on your network that it works.
    With OSC, you can setup your machines to static IPs & send any data ( supported by OSC ) from one machine to an other one.
    You cannot send video or images with OSC.
    But sending video with netbroadcaster is very limited in terms of performances
    There is a good post in the old forum [here](http://forum.troikatronix.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=5517;search_string=video%20netbroadcaster;t=search_engine#5517).
    Good points for OSC are the flexibility with numeric streams and text datas. It's also very flexible as it's a protool used by others softwares.
    I hope this helps a bit...

  • thank´s I learned about both Osc is far better, broadcaster has a huge latency, ++OSC can send to other apps.

  • Izzy Guru

    It's a shame that OSC can't send video!

  • With regard to this comment: "broadcaster has a huge latency"

    This has not been my experience at all, though I've always used the Net Broadcaster on wired LANs. (I don't trust wireless in a performance.) The latency has always been equivalent to OSC. 
    I just did a simple test, sending from one computer to another and back on a wired LAN. The round trip time for both Net Broadcaster and OSC was 1 mS (0.001 S). They were totally equivalent.
    Best Wishes,

  • on my setup, i experienced it, little slow, send on 2-10 channels, use about 80 in the scene, the net broadcaster would be less config on other pc´s,  the idea, split control and animations. finished it using OSC. good to learn about net broadcaster.

    and some tests later:

    Netbroadcaster, OSC, are working at the same speed, maybe broadcaster actor caused the trouble build the scene over, used netbroadcaster instead of broadcaster now works perfect.