Isadora Workshop, Hackney in London, April 30 - May 3

  • Isadora Workshop, Hackney in London, April 30 - May 3   Tuesday to Friday 10.30-4.30pm

    A four day intensive carefully designed to start you off into the shallow end, broadening your skills till we shove you into deeper water. By the end of the workshop you are confidently swimming by by yourself, with working interactive designs at hand. We cover a broad range of skills and interactive possibilities. Although the course is focused on the live arts, _'non-swimmers'_ are welcome as long as you have mid-level computing skills. Language programming skills are not required. The course has something for everyone. Please follow the link for more details of the curriculum or message me directly here. 
    The workshop is taught by professional artist and performer jamie griffiths, who has just returned to the UK from co-presenting a workshop with Mark Coniglio in Munich. Jamie has been performing live and designing with Isadora since the first beta version and is an ongoing beta tester for Isadora's unreleased versions. 
    Register for the workshop at s p a c e [here](  or learn more about jamie [here](

  • I should say we do push quite hard. You will cover a lot of ground in this intensive approach. There is a list of topics at the sign up page.  You will also learn how to connect a kinect camera to Isadora. Cheers! jamie