• I am working on a few things in javascript and want to have named inputs and outputs. I am working with 6 inputs and outputs and without names things get very confusing fast. Simple renaming from outside the actors would be ok, super level would be to have declareInputs() and  declareOutputs() methods that take the variable names and use them for the input and output names on the actor.

  • Dear @Fred 

    Your wish is my command. ;-) It's in the release notes for Isadora 3.

    Javascript Actor - Renamable Inputs and Outputs

    Mark has added the ability to name the inputs and outputs on the Javascript actor for Isadora v3. Like the GLSL shader, the approach to this is to use a special comment format; in this case a "//" followed by either “iz_input” or “iz_output”, the input or output number, and then the words you want to appear for that title. Here's an example:

    // iz_input 1 "custom first input"
    // iz_input 2 "custom second input"
    // iz_output 1 "custom first output"

    function main()
       return arguments[0] + 1;

  • @mark

    Yay, I am super happy I missed that!