• For HAP: I have installed both the C++ redistributable and the HAPDirectShowSetup.exe, but HAP MP4s aren't running. I have also installed the VDMX official windows HAP codec - which looks like it has support in Isadora(?) I have been able to run the same files in VLC, MadMapper but no dice in Isadora. I can see the resolution of the HAP file and the movie player is advancing properly, but it's sending black frames. Is there some setting I'm missing here? 

    On the same topic - I've been using HEVC / H265 in the interim and they run fairly well, but the frame-rate fluctuates right after the loop point. It's performing better than HEVC in other programs, but worth noting it's not an ideal playback codec. H264 isn't an option for this particular project because of the 4k squared limitation. Either way, I'd like to never use HEVC for playback for many many reasons, but mainly the resolution limitations. HAP is ideal for that clean loop look!

  • Tech Staff


    Try hap in either a AVI or MOV wrapper.