• Hey all! I posted a while ago about using multiple cameras inputting to my computer. I took the advice of one of the responses and got a NVR camera system that can take four camera inputs and turn it into a single input. I've been testing out using that as a trigger with tracking in specific areas.. I'm just not sure I've actually done it right. The end goal is a person steps in a spot (infront of a cubby) and a directional speaker plays back a spoken quote. There are going to be six spots they want to trigger. I'm going to include my patch for you all to look at it and tell I'm doing it backwards or completely the wrong way.

    This will be run off a 2013 Mac Pro 6 core Xeon with 64 gigs of ram and dual D500's too. I'm happy to take criticism or suggestions. Also keep in mind I'm still a Isadora newbie... Thanks all. 


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    No patch here :( 

  • @juriaan is the file at the end of the post not it? Is it a different file from the isa file? Again neophyte Isadora user hah

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    You might want to adjust your method of motion tracking to compare a static (clean background) against the live view.
    Right now you are only tracking the difference between video frames, so you really only get a reading when there is motion in the tracking area.
    By comparing a clean camera view VS the live camera view, you can determine a change in the frame that persists with a high reading even if without motion (someone is standing still)

    Take a look at this tutorial: https://vjskulpture.wordpress....

  • @dusx great idea! Thanks for the tip. I’ll put that in!