Picture Player Dissolve

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to make a picture player dissolve. My setup is: Using a bin picker to choose the picture then the picture player output goes to a projector for the stage. Pretty easy only two actors. Currently I choose a new picture and on the output the new picture cuts very abruptly. Is there a creative way to make it a dissolve instead of cut?

  • yes.

    try this: 2 picture players both going into a video mixer. some kind of trigger linked to the bin picker triggers an envelope generator that is linked to the mix amount of the video mixer.
    there are many other ways, but that's a good starting point.

  • or one picture player, split the output of it so that one line goes through a freeze actor into a mixer, the other goes straight into the other channel of the mixer. ditto with the envelope generator and some triggers. the end trigger of the envelope generator is going to be your friend here. or some trigger delays.

  • or add couple of video faders in line to a multimix actor and adjust their fade amounts inversely.....

    or use an fx mixer if you want fancy blend modes instead of a basic crossfade......
    or 2 projectors with their intensities linked to envelopes.....
    there's usually more than one way to skin a cat in Isadora. i think that's a proverb, despite sounding a bit unpleasant. sorry.

  • Tech Staff

    thats a nice list of mixing options

  • Jumping from scene to scene (back and forth) with the fader is an other way.

  • Tech Staff

    Simple Motion Blur and Shimmer maybe?

  • try this... b20417-dissolve.png

  • Thanks to all,

    The Motion Bur worked perfectly.

  • Oops.. Blur


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