• I am testing out the new blend functions on windows. I have a problem with display order. I have 3 outputs blended together, the physical layout of my projectors does not match the display order in windows. I create a stage and add displays to it and assign the correct physical output to the position it should be taking in the blended output. However it seems that Isadora ignores this and will blend based on the windows output ID order. Lets say the leftmost third of the blended output is hardware display 4, the middle is 2 and the right edge is 3. The right edge will blend both sides of the output (like it is in the middle) and the other outputs have the blend on the wrong sides.

    I can make it work if the screens are actually in the same output order as they are in the blended stage, but not if I need to re-order the displays. Obviously this makes things substantially more difficult.

  • Tech Staff

    I've never noticed/experienced this, but I believe I understand what you are describing.

    To be sure, I try to reproduce this correctly, please add a couple screen captures. 
    Windows Displays dialog (showing placement, numbers) and the Stage Setup blend.