[ANSWERED] Lighting software midi show out to isadora midi show in

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    we are in an educational situation where we are using Oynx lighitng software and isadora to run lights and multimedia respectively. What we want is to have isadora recognise the midi show output of oynx so that when the lights are triggered isadora responds. I know how to use the text comparator to create a trigger from the midi show in, the problem I am having is with how isadora actually recognises the oynx and midi show out. Does it need to be a through a usb in? I tried having both software on the same computer to no avail. If anyone can help with the two communicating together would be great (I have activated midi show out on the oynx programme).

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    Hi there, 

    Do you have some docs anywhere regarding the MIDI Show output ? What you can do is use something like loopMidi to create an virtual midi output / input combination. Basically you send the commands out with Onxy and you set Isadora to receive it, sadly I can't find a lot of information about the Onxy software so if you could provide it that would be helpfull.

  • @Juriaan thanks for the info. Unfortuantely the lighting side of things is not my choice, I am just trying to integrate izzy into the system. I had a look for some documentation about Oynx and it does seem rather scarce, even my colleague who uses it didn't know if there was some, weird. IF I understand right then, this is a situation where there are both programs on a single computer and the loopMidi program inbetween which reads and creates the virtual midi outs/ins. 

    On the Oynx software there is an option to turn on midi show and it has a specific device-id. Does isadora have to see the 'midi device' (whether this is the virtual loopMidi or Oynx) through the communications window first? Or does the actor just recognise it?

    Am a bit out of my depth here but will no doubt wiht some help find a way forward. Many thanks in advance.

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    Does Onyx send out MSC out in the first place?  I don't think it does

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    @tim_f said:

    What we want is to have isadora recognise the midi show output of oynx so that when the lights are triggered isadora responds

    It should be similar (in theory) to my method outlined here on how to trigger Isadora with MSC from QLab. You do need to specify the Device ID. Try reading through my readme file in the QLab section.

    You might also be able to cannibalize parts of my system there.

    MIDI Show Control Watcher, Jump to Cue, and Text Comparator actors are your friends here if you want to go the simplest route.

    You'll need to setup some sort of way to route the MSC from Onyx to Isadora. Look in the system settings of that software, there has to be a way to enable MSC output and also a way to set a device ID.

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  • Hi All,

    Yeah, Onyx definitely has midi show control and we have it enabled. I have seen the specific device-id. Thanks Woland, I have looked briefly at your set-up previously. I will play around with these and come back if I am still running into problems.

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  • Just to shout out a thank you especially to you @Woland I've finally had some time to play around with your work and figured out a way to get MSC messages out using Oynx on a windows machine with loopmidi as a virtual hub. Very cool, this will be useful.