[ANSWERED] NDI HX Camera software and Isadora

  • Hello everybody, a new problem with Isadora on Mac and NDI Newtek cam on iPhone.

    I was used to get camera signal from an iPhone running Newtek NDI cam and NDISyphon on the Mac. All working very well.

    But with the last version of  iPhone OS (12.4) , Newtek NDI does not work anymore ( black image on the phone, no flash working…) and no update available on Itunes. And no ( easy ) way to downgrade the iPhone. But there is a new app available, NDI HX Camera ( for 22€ MORE! )

    So I payed and install it, the camera works on the phone, I get the video signal with NDI Video Monitor, but in NDISyphon, the phone is detected but there is just a black image.

    It is obviously a problem with NDIsyphon which has not been update as far as I found. 

    Anybody has an idea? Someone has successfully used NDI HX Camera ?  

    I am still on Isadora 2, but I think Isadora 3 has not improved its direct NDI compatibility? 

    Otherwise it could be a good opportunity to convince my employer to update the soft… ;-)

  • Tech Staff

    Hi there @laurentR,

    The beta group is currently testing a new NDI - In Watcher that is tighly developed with the NewTek SDK.

    Please open a ticket at https://support.troikatronix.c... and request beta access if you need it. The new features only work on Isadora 3.X, so you will need to update your software. 

    Option 2 :

    - Use NewTek Virtual Input tool (found here https://www.ndi.tv/tools/) and convert the image to an Webcam. Using the Live Input capabilities of Isadora we can then receive the image.

  • Thank you for your help Juriaan, unfortunately it seems NewTek Virtual Input tool is only available on windows. But the new feature watcher in Isadora is a very good news, and one more good reason to buy the 3...

    But for my today show, I need to find another solution... Back to Epoccam I am afraid!

  • @laurentr not that it will help you out today, but I'm guessing that the NDI syphon app was developed with an earlier version of the ever updating NDI SDK.

    One check into see if there is an updated NDI to syphon app that uses a later version of the SDK that matches that used in the HX camera app.

  • @laurentr you may also have some luck with this:


  • @laurentR This is to confirm that NewTek NDI (on iPhone 8/OS 12.4) works with NDISyphon as you can see from the attached screenshot. From there you can get it on syphon receiver on Isadora 3

  • Thank you Fred, I gonna check Ultragrid.

    And thank you Msanii, I was trying on an iPhone 6 with the same OS, so it seems that it could be a problem with the phone itself after updating, and not with the new OS. I will try to re-install or with another iPhone...

  • Beta Tester

    Hey there. I have all three NDI camera apps on the App Store: NewTek NDI, NDI Cam and the NDI HX Camera. NDI HX Camera was just updated with the feature to present an image if the live feed isn't accepted. This is what is shows at the moment:

    Hope this could be adressed as soon as the final version of the NDI plugin is released... 

    All the best. D1gits