[ANSWERED] use skin Complexion to control media

  • Use skin complexion to control media.

    Is it possible to be able to controll your media with the color of your skin for example if you have a dark complexion you won't be able to see a image displayed back to you but if you are off a lighter complexion you would be able to see said image is that possible and what actors would allow me to have that control .   

  • Izzy Guru


    Yes you can do that with a "Video In Watcher" and either with a "calc brightness" actor or a "Measure Color" actor. Then you can trigger the video with a "comparator" or "inside range" actor. To have controllable values it would be good to have a camera where you set everything manually. With auto settings it would be quite difficult to get a stable image.

    Best Michel 

  • thanks for the help.