Isadora and Windows display settings not matching

  • I want to bump this up as it's causing me all sorts of grief again:


    Here's the problem: Isadora and Windows use different numbering for the displays. Windows is always consistent in how it numbers the displays. Isadora seems quite random about it. Is it not possible to get Isadora to use the same numbering as Windows? Every time I start up Isadora I have to check that the right stage is showing on the right display, and often have to rearrange things.

    Look: this is how Isadora sees the displays

    And this is how Windows sees them:

    So display #1 in Windows is display #2 in Isadora.
    Why is this an issue? Because there seems to be a randomness in how Isadora assigns stages to displays each time I start up the program. I have to check - and often reassign - each time I launch the program. Windows, on the other hand, seems pretty consistent in its numbering of the displays.

    I reported this as bug #4501423 a while ago but it seems to have slipped off the radar :-)

  • @mark_m I had the same issue and also made a bug report and post. I could not get back to the system to make a video of it as I left for a tour with different gear.