[SOLVED] Screen Capture Syphon and crop area in Isadora?

  • Hi

    I am playing with Screen Capture Syphon into Isadora.

    This works pretty well and came up on the first go.

    MY question is as  the whole page from chrome is being transferred in, is it possible to put  a crop around the parts of the screen I do not want etc. I only wish to see the tweets themselves etc.

    Is this something I would add between the syphon actor and the projector?

  • Hi

    In that time honoured fashion of RTFM, I quite quickly discovered the crop tool. Works perfectly for my intentions.

    Sorry for time wasting.


  • Tech Staff

    You never waste our time.

    You can also double click a projector to open IzzyMap. 

  • Wow.

    That there is the type of tip that makes this programme oh so worth while...!

    Thank you for that.

  • Crop, Zoomer and Scaler will all be useful actors if you want to resize your window within the patch

  • Hi

    Thanks for all the pointers.

    Good information and you have helped me a lot. I have a lot of plates to spin and this has been brilliant.

    Thank you.