• I am struggling with the freeze actor in Isadora 3
    I want to freeze the last frame of a scene before going to the next scene.
    Please look at the two screenshots below.
    The first one works as expected: the video passes through normally, and when I trigger the bypass to 'off' if freezes the video.
    The second one does not pass video through at all. Why is that? Am I missing something blindingly obvious? Does the chain of video effect actors before the freeze have an effect?
    Any help, suggestions, or alternative workarounds much appreciated!


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  • OK, I have found a workaround, using capture stage to picture actor to quickly pass through a transition scene. Not as satisfactory, as the soundtrack gets interrupted. Any better ideas welcome...

  • Tech Staff


    Don't use the bypass to turn it on and off... set the 'freeze' on and off as needed and it appears to work.

    I'm not able to cause the issue as you have though.. can you share a simple sample file that doesn't let the vid thru (using bypass for switching)?

  • Tech Staff

    Bypass = off will mean no frame should pass through until you trigger the grab input.

    Trigger the "grab" input when you want to grab a frame and freeze it there.