Catalina + Plugins: Make your voice heard at Apple

  • Dear Community,

    So, as I've noted previously here, the whole situation with legacy plugins on Catalina is a real bummer. (If you haven't read my previous post, suffice to say that new security restrictions are going to prevent older plugins that have not been officially 'notarized' by their developers from running on Catalina.) We're going to get all of our plugins notarized, but obviously there's a lot of useful video and audio plugins out there that will stop working because of these restrictions. This doesn't just affect Isadora, but every application that uses plugins, starting with giants like Photoshop and Ableton Live and on downwards to smaller apps we know and love.

    So, while it probably won't change the decisions of the Apple juggernaut, I nevertheless encourage everyone to copy the message below and send it to Apple CEO Tim Cook at his email public email address They should at least get some sense this is an imposition that stifles our creativity.

    If you have the desire to personalize the message below, please do. But make sure to sign your name where it says XXX.

    Best Wishes,


    Dear Tim,

    The security restrictions imposed by Catalina on non-notarized plugins is a massive step backwards that will negatively affect an incredible number of macOS users that rely on audio and video plugins. There are hundreds and hundreds of amazing legacy plugins -- created by indie developers or as open source projects -- that remain incredibly useful, but are never going to get notarized because those the people that created them moved on for one reason or another. While I champion safety and security, the fact that there is no way to opt-out of these restrictions at one's own risk is incredibly discouraging. Thousands upon thousands of users like me rely on extending their software's capabilities through plugins.

    We need an update to Catalina that allows us to run these legacy plugins so that we can continue to use them in our creative endeavors.