[ANSWERED] Adding points using OPTION-Click (MAC) on ver3 IzzyMapper Not working

  • Howdy. Option-Click on MAC in Izzy 3 now offers a hand and moves the mapper around. How do we add single points on a line to a complex grid mapper? Is this no longer possible? Thanks.

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    The action is Command + Click.
    This may have changed due to some conflict or in an effort to make it more similar to the behaviour on Windows.
    I can't remember the reason off hand, but the action Command + Click adds points to Composite Mapper shapes.
    It's probably worth noting that the standard (non composite) shapes can not have points added.

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    Yes that has been changed in 3, before it was option click

  • Hi, just for those who work with caps lock, the command click doesn't work with shift enabled ;-)
    That said I have another problem, it seems impossible to add points and bezier on the output... do you know how I can shape that in izzimap? with other transformation tools?

  • BTW would be great to see/monitor datas of the mapping points ( ex: you need geometrical form and you need feedback to accomplish it perfectly)`

    + @mark could it be possible to publish all points of a composite with a single clic?