[ANSWERED] Control Panel: Bin Picker - Unselect when Moving to Another Scene?

  • I am using a Bin Picker in the Control Panel and I cannot find a setting that causes a selected file to become unselected when I move to another scene that is using the same Control Panel. I've tried both settings of the "Show value of linked properties". I've tried initializing the Movie Player movie input to zero, thinking that would link back to the bin picker and unselect the previously selected file. Thank you.

  • Tech Staff


    This can be a little tricky. I would try using a Enterscene Value actor to set the Movie id of the movie player. While having the bin picker set to follow that value. If you set the id to a negative value it might (my memory may fail me here) deselect all files in the media picker.

    That may not be the exact method, but it's close and it can be done.

  • @dusx

    I used Enter Scene Value actor set to  -1 and linked its id to the Bin Picker and to the Movie Player. The Bin Picker is set show value of linked properties. When I return to the scene, the Movie Player movie id is 0 but the previously selected movie file in the Bin Picker remains selected. Do you have another idea??

  • Tech Staff

    OK, I have a solution.

    Add a new movie to your Movie Bin, in Position 1. Then right click it and select 'clear' this will leave it listed as <Unassigned>.

    Now you can use the Enterscene trick to set the Video Bin picker to 1 (a blank spot in the Bin Picker).
    Also, set the INIT for the Movie of the Movie Player to 0(this will ensure it doesn't do any preloading of media you are using).
    It will now Init to 0, (stopping any preloads), then enterscene will enter 1.. this will be picked up by the Bin Picker (but doesn't play any movie).

  • @dusx

    Excellent solution. Thank you.