Multiple Stages configurations using the same display outputs

  • In several situations it would be helpful to be able to switch between stages, only to have different configurations on the same outputs. This is especially true, if you want to use the outputs once as soft edged and in the same show as single. Or once with a triple head with separated outputs and once with a single spanned picture.

    The issue at this time is, the display can only be added once to one stage. This is to prevent confusions in case of using both stages in one scene.
    This could be solved with a warning that pops up, if the user tries to add the display a second time.

    Here are some examples that came up in the Forum:



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  • Tech Staff

    This is a use case we discussed during development of Isadora 3, and I believe @mark has some thoughts on how to integrate these options in the future.
    For the time being if you need to do these types of share display formats.. you will need to use the Edge Blend actors, rather than the blending tool.
    This allows you to set and reset the edge blending as required per stage. You can then create blended, separate, or multi-stage combinations.

  • Thank you @dusx,

    I know the workarounds. Those where described in the linked topics as well as comments by Mark about this.

    I just thought this feature request forum category is meant to  keep track of the those and to see how many users would be interested in them?

    Am I wrong about this?